As we are seeing, we are moving towards high technology to make our life more comfortable. So the changes in every field are growing at a very fast rate, on this one our way of doing business also changed. So either it is an existing business or newly established business. If they want to be surviving in this competitive world then it is imperative to have a place in cyberspace. And not simply to be competing but to persist.

・ネ・テ・ラ   ハヤスク ナ犢 コケハャ ・ミ・テ・ッ・「・テ・ラ ナコノユ ハ」タス フセチーハムケケ ・・。シ・ノ   ソキオャ ーヘ テアクク。コ コヌスェケケソキ   ・リ・・ラ   コヌスェケケソキ、ホRSS
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