[[What is the Gig Economy?]]

The term 。ネGig。ノ refers to short-time employment.  Gig Economy is a liberal marketplace where there are open positions for a lot of individuals for a short period of time. Organizations hire individuals on a contract basis over a specified period of time & get them paid on an hourly basis. Some of the examples include freelancers, project-based workers, part-time hires & contractors.

The study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American employees shall be of independent contractors. This shows how the Gig economy is trending. One of the main reasons behind the rise is the work flexibility and also the wide range of opportunities available all over the world. It is beneficial for both organizations & employees. In terms of organizations, it saves workspace, training, in a single go they can pick the required talent from a larger pool. In terms of employees, they enjoy a work-life balance, they can get great exposure in addition to work flexibility.

The gig economy doesn。ヌt adhere to a particular field, it is remarkable in all sectors. The gig economy is helping the telecom workforce to get highly paid jobs. 

Here is How Gig economy is Benefiting  Small Businesses:
[[Here is How Gig economy is Benefiting  Small Businesses:]]

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to reach the same level of success as a larger corporation on the market. There are various issues to contend with in a competitive marketplace. Costs need to be kept to a minimum while promoting internal and external growth of your company in new and exciting ways and offering fresh services and solutions to clients. If you become stagnant within the market, then your business will be forgotten and replaced with a fiercer and more active competitor. Running a small business is in many respects a balancing act.

What。ヌs the solution to this dilemma? One component includes utilizing the gig economy, which has been a solution that small business owners have seen great benefits from. By hiring freelancers instead of full-time workers on permanent contracts, small businesses are able to cut spending in their company through a more flexible business model. Through this article, we will address the practical applications of the gig economy and how your business can benefit from hiring.

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